We’ll help you build a relationship with your clients
Carefully crafted digital solutions for your company
We are a design studio focused on solving creative problems and creating visual solutions that will build long term relationships with your clients.
We are a small European team of digital experts with a great passion for creating eye-catching design that tells a story and engages with the audience.
What is our vision?
Humans are visual creatures and we’re made to judge with our eyes first. That’s why a good visual representation is an important aspect of your business in today’s world. A quality product or service deserves to be seen by the right people and we are here to help you out with that.

One of our greatest assets is our patience, attention to detail and creativity.
Why should you choose us?
We’re not here just to make things look pretty, but also to make them useful, interesting, trustworthy and sales-oriented. We focus on all aspects of branding as well as work on educating you and making things easier for you in the future.
What makes our team successful?
Each of our team members, no matter the role, has a clear understanding of the whole process of the services we are offering, which results in great teamwork and quick problem-solving thinking that highly benefits our end results.
Still curious?
Always feel welcome to say hello to us at hello@roodmont.com and we’d more than happy to talk to you about wishes and needs.

Our services

We’ll help you create beautiful, easy-to-use and traffic-driven web solutions that will establish trust and bring value to your clients.

In-house capabilities
web design web development UI / UX web maintance
We’ll help you develop beautiful and engaging branding solutions that focus on your target audience and reflect the quality of your business.
In-house capabilities
brand identity product label logo design
Is the service you’re looking for not listed above?
Don’t worry, we’re more than happy to take on a challenge!

Our work



“As a filmmaker who was just starting out, it was very important to me that my website would represent not only my work but also who I was. The team at Roodmont has made the entire process so easy, they helped me greatly with creating the content for my website and implemented everything I wished for. This website is now my strongest weapon for my clients to find me.

I couldn’t have chosen a better team for my website and I would definitely choose them again!”

Jovan B.
Jovan Batas
Filmmaker & Producer